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6 a.m., but rose to 104° in evening. No headache. Feels better. Bowels

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from a recent clause in the later Poor-law Acts, which enabled

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tablishment of a tolerance ; the same dose continuing

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on chronic valvulitis: the theoretic .wever, that by prolonging tht? dias-

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last cases, to which Fagge refers, are by no means absent from

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she was suddenly seized with violent pain in the umbilical region,

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after her first visit to me, left lid slightly drooping;

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tion of first sound barely audible at angle of eighth rib, which

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Course and Prognosis. — The milder varieties of simple cbnoic

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of the gall-bladder in 10 of 15 females and 23 out of 35 males. Other cases

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head-nodding ; the head and eyes may be turned to one side, but without

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ordered for duty at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyo. T. S. O.

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vice. Table 1 shows the total patient-days for the month in

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in some places (6, c) and swollen at others, a, Shows the thickening of the limitary

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upon the economy before showing itself by local manifestations. This

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all the patients who have attended recently showing distinct

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drance in determining when to operate, and may aid in the

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figures must be regaraed as pathologic for many individuals with sensitive gastric

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Ever since the occurrence of the famous American crowbar case it has

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lons ; total consumption per capita of distilled spirits, 1.12

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the cavities of the heart itself; and which, if it reached

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the thoracic duct: — Aneurism of abdominal aorta — Chronic

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ficiently thick to make it into balls ; and give a middiing-

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thirty-six hours ; and it is especiaUy during this period that death is likely

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that Board makes it his personal business to see just

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roseolous syphilide, typical in all particular.s, on the body.

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[than while intoxicated was thrown down and struck his head against the pave-

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apprehension, increased to some extent, doubtless by the address of