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9. Vulcan AP, Cameron MH, W atson WL: Mandatory bicycle helmet

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evidently in danger of a ' fit,' or seizure, and that of an apoplectic, paralytic,

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Pulmonary Conference, Tuesdays, 12:00 noon, Shuffield Auditorium. A light lunch is provided.

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and to grow therein, and to increase in numbers by simple fission

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all the physical, physiological, and pathological characters of a

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have a harmful influence on the heart, vessels, and blood-pressure. These

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diminution of the pulse-curve without lowering the level of the tracing. On the

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tion of papers of immediate, original, and scientific value, and

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with fibrin; or it may be that the fibrin itself contained proteolytic

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the causes of arterial disease, coupling with this an es-

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