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jority of cases, choose the latter," To reduce the abnormal tempera-

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'the artificial orifice. The body of the uterus presented an inch and a

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this way brought on extensive sores of a bad character, which remained

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serogroup B meningococcal disease is chemoprophylaxis

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to renew their interest in this serious congenital mal-

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-Ufi/icn/ Yi,M<-s and Gazette, March 30, 1S67, p. Sta, is not ns

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conditions of modern life favor specially the development ot

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more enlarged views are obtained of intellectual disease, a more

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is chosen which does best for that patient. This is an important point

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cent.; hand, including the thumb, 10 per cent.; hip, 7 per cent.; knee, 19

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continued after this to retain some hysterical symptoms.

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rule which should be rigidly enforced in every case, no matter how mild

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being but systems of practical rules, deducible from the laws of

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with the object of increasing their knowledge of theology, but

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that we use every other means that we have at our command to combat

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collections come to the Foundation, and since dona-

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provide continuity and reorientation for the patient.

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sufficient. Omening applies the same every two min-

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Dec. 7. Patient seems quite well. All the functions are nor-

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was evident improvement in both the social and mental

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November 28, 1903 : Smallpox, 32 cases ; diphtheria, 15 cases ;

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ABLE, MEDICAL FACILITIES, and MISCELLANEOUS. RATES: 20* per word, with a minimum charge of $8 jOO per ad. Addi-

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which previously had been normal, rose to 106° F. Examination

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be made out, the abdomen should be opened and an attempt