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proteins of widely different species or between proteins of widely different origin."

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in Table 9. The results would indicate that there was some

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that, with care, it will prove successful in bringing about this

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Lignieres and PhisaHx (1900-1901) found a long bacillus; Gram-negative; non-

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either to relieve pain or induce poisoning. The most uniformly success-

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relief obtained in the very severe cases which, were quite hopeless

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Dr Martin Wall, Lord Lichfield's Professor (Clinical) at Oxford,

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additional loss of blood : the sufferer from the gonorrhoeal variety-

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shortly after drooped. 3.58. — Convulsed. 4.2. — Dead. Dead in

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taken 3-4 times a day. Their exact action is not clearly understood.

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The Adirondacks. The Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, Saranac

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been swallowed many minutes when he fell asleep, and his breath-

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slowly, without violent symptoms. The abdominal cavity usually

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the second dose. Enough trikresol to make 0.2 per cent was added and the vaccine

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not moral, deterioration of the people in the localities where their

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Litmus milk. — Turned slightly red in 24 hours; no coagulation. The slightl.v red

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and hence an unnecessary, unpleasant, and unseemly contest is

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part of Iceland attacked Dr Finsen for having unnecessarily, and

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and to this Avas added constant nausea, which seriously interfered

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voluntary muscles may be thus attacked with apparent hypertrophy.

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Hes transversely in the anterior end of the body. It may, however,

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for 20 minutes three times a day, but this did not prove very effica-

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cently recommended the use of arsenic in another form, — cacodylic acid

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fact that with many people coffee and tea both have a detrimental stimu-

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work of the stomach; whereas, if the body were in motion, the stomach

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19. Spiethoff. Jahrbiiclicr der Hanib. Staatskranlienanstalten, 1903-4, 9, Heft II,

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remarked upon Von Graefe's treatment, and its remarkable success,

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became very turbid, and the lids nearly closed on account of photophobia. He died

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On the Action of Anesthetics. — M. Claude Bernard, to whose

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acid, best in the form of tablets, 3-6 a day, each containing 0.002 G. (^/ao

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of extract on hand did not warrant work being begun on new rabbits. The guinea-

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same pelvic plane as the sagittal suture. The sagittal suture is far

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sionally it was increased ; its symptoms diffei'ed entirely from those

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stricted by it. A more free division of the sac and its neck was

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growing through the summer. Whatever the explanation, the animals of the whole

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administration introduced by Koch is that which prevails to-day. In

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reported the circumstance, and was immediately directed to proceed

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The fluid amounted to five gallons three pints. It was limpid,

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Duration of feeding required for the infection of the tick and length