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tion at or near the stoma, hindering the flow of the alkaline
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it. I saw an article in the Journal of the A. M. A. this week, by Dr.
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tinent the Csesarean section was more frequently under-
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Walter W. Hamburger, M.D., and Walter S. Priest, Jr., M.D. 629
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those races in which the female sex is the ruling one, the male
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bromite solution, while the nitrogen is set free, and can be collected
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layers oter the auricles and the great vessels are ad-
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not be safe to follow such a rule. It is remarkable to see the large
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Dr. L. A. W. Alleman had expected to speak on this ophthalmia,
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The child was born alive, but died instantly ; and it
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abnormal, however, to have a slight increase in the heart-rate on taking
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consequence, and the eye liad been constantly getting worse ; and for the
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Club, and he was an elder of the Blackstone Presby-
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pulmonary congestion from contagious fevers, pneumonia and
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there were in Edinburgh and Olasgow, in 1855, 4372 married
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beef-tea, Lemco, Oxo, and all meat extracts ; the fat of butcher's
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immediately cut off the mortified coil and make either
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be derived from this new operative procedure, however, were not realized
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(6) Silk. — Sterilized by boiling in sublimate 1-500 and
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present. .The International Certificate of Inoculation
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pain in question is not alone peripheral (organic pain), but is either
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which conduced and drove him to commit the a * aHeged ag*™U^ y
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usual anesthetics, MacDonald does not believe that it is
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Return of, — March ; 8up])lement for 18(59. Madras Monthly Journal of Jleaical Science,
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He noted that Medicare trustees reported to Congress
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