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metallic salt, than the granules, and must also have a different chemical composition. After

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the fetus and attack some special part of the body,

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catheterize the left ureter, an obstruction was met with about 7 Cm.

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The state of the urogenital system in tuberculosis is described

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the medullary cord, with its nerves and ganglia, for its in-

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the thigh, was pushing a chair before him with his hands,

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of the earlier observers, looks upon the affection as indi-

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terials, our only safeguard is, an accurate and intimate acquaint-

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tissues, the removing of obstructions to the movements

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almost perfect. None were positive failures. In all, the gen-

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taneously or in succession. The arthritis is sometimes transient ; at other

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cent, probably more nearly represents the true average for these sub-

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about 3^o^h of an inch in diameter; but it exists, at the same time, in the

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between the outer atmosphere and tlie somewhat rarefied air

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items, and provided strict inventory control as well as useful item usage

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tom's pointing to gallbladder disease, and a tumor could be felt

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The above cases also show the importance of early and decided

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researches. The clinical aspect of the disease, as usually observed in

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lung. The whole of the involved tissues were of the consistence of

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escape of pus, which was slight and of perfectly healthy character.

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a second attack of the scourge came along and found him still

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which the patient consented. Upon removing membrane I discovered that