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tain to occur. In operating he finds the uterus as soon

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half, with small response to convergence. Vision was

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74. Futcher: Cleveland Med. Jour., 1905, iv, 109, 157; see also Osier

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Alter an infant's arm has been held in a position of inward rotation tor

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tion revealed a suspicious right apex. Professor Vau-

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Human Infection. — The finding of influenza bacilli as the sole infecting

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1768), Woodruff, Woodward and Beardsley had died. Dr.

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structure indicated, or is located in a part where it is generated,

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to the left side of the abdomen. The entire abdomen

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terspace just outside the nipple line to relieve an empyema

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proved by the results of inoculation to have had hydro-

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After arguing against the conclusions of Tappeiner by

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to a deplorable want of a proper hygienic system, and the

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changes and in consequence could be accurately compared; while such

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concentrations frequently, especially in patients receiving digitalis or those with a history ol

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tion, seeking from among the meat breeds whose fleece is the most like the Merino —

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bedded in scar tissue. The only way of finding out is to

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2. To prevent uraemia and secondary inflammation ; 3. To palli-

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with opium for relief of pain if needed, to be followed

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flying fatigue must be sought in the fact that flying takes a man into an

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" Unrecognized Syphilis in General Practice," by L. Duncan Buck-

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fore the mental state of depression or exaltation or whatever

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trijumeau et le gani;liou de Ga.sser mod6rateurs du rellexo

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eight wide mouthed bottles and placed in them various

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works on influenza,* namely, that influenza often leads to abortion.

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abundant supply was reached." Or, as we learn in another

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Professor Goodell, of Philadelphia, in a recent lecture,

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I quite differ, however, with his views and experiments

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this incomplete enuresis we find retention of urine, and it becomes

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