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that leprosy is a communicable disease;" and Castor*" thinks "there is

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rence of an early stage, lasting two or three months, and accompanied by

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vomit returned and severe diarrhoea, and he died five days after

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hygienic surroundings. This, I confess, was largely my

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anonyma at its bifurcation was also concerned in the lesion.

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Tlie November meetiDg of the Brown County Medical Society was held in

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rf. sc. med. de Lyon (1892), 1893, xxxii, pt. 2, 206-213.

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every three parts contain one part of soda and two parts of water.

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modes of production: (1) The first step consists in a more or less complete

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cells of the liver, and that the morbid con- i upon the Sorghum Saccharatum, or Chinese

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Although direct evidence of the existence of tuberculosis trace-

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of the blood may vary within pretty extensive limits, without injurious con-

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and the results of the examination of which in the hands of Dr.

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Two forms of coagulation might be produced, according to the

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laparotomy in such cases is less dangerous. I do not wish, however, to

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due to' the fact that drainage is more thorough in upper lobe cases, is to be

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slow, sinking, sometimes, to 48 or 50 in the minute. The pulse

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three years of the epidemic and at the close of last

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professional man— the late Dr. Fisher of Boston — who says — " No reme-

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Shaw, of that city. Miss Shaw died of pneumonia, and the

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nave on several occasions misused their professional knowledge, and have

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is in itself a demonstration that the disease was then situated in the

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She suffered from severe pain, and frequent vomiting of dark

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course, sterilized. Simple cover glass preparations stained