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The cases per 1000 of the inhabitants in 1832 were, in round numbers, 8;
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was drawn. The lips were covered with froth. The sense of smell
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. . . Stoiiiucli and iulustiiiOH : Mucous iiionibniiie tliroti^'liout
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sarcoma of tho ventricular septum, and Bassoe of Chicago found a
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discharge. This had existed for more than ten years.
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the exigencies of pregnancy, the administration of iron is made distinctly
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a few days, from the secondary inflammation of the cord. The palsy
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affectionately reply, the forceps, as he thinks of the many
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another feature to degrade rather than elevate dentistry.
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its causation, denotes the large kidney. A scanty secretion of urine, with a
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We do not acquire much or very accurate information from
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cumscribed space is involved ; cortical myelitis or meningo-myeliti s is the
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and expectoration. There is therefore no danger of seriously inter-
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and expectoration. There is therefore no danger of seriously inter-
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the thigh is it in a measure exposed, and then by a vio-
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and the sixth was operated upon by Dr. A. W. Stein.
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just as she is ; and if ever a building was full of light —
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satory exercises, Jacobsohn holds that the complicated apparatus is
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was admitted to the Brooklyn City Hospital, April, 1871, with
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Dr. Tidy says, in his " Legal Medicine " : " So no-
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of sulphur, repeated every third or fourth hour, taking care not to
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a rise in temperature are partly due to the tendency toward less
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