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spine, no such result could be obtained. This indicated the
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To weakly children Hooping Cough is a very serious malady
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The result was persistent left hemiplegia and occasional fits, but he is
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• Read by Title In the Section on Laryngology and Otology..
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155 Locomotor Ataxia In Its Modern Aspect. John Pnnton.
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follow immediately the giving of the anaesthetic. He thinks
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that it is converted from a soluble into an insoluble state, and in this condition
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In the vast majority of cases water-borne typhoid is contracted
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were vaccinated when they were children. Many of them, however, give
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rheumatology — 1980. Arthritis Rheum 1981;24:1 168.
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Mr. . Contracted syphilis between four and five years previously.
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milk, for which I have no doubt that it is an efficient substitute."
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G-LANDERS.* — From an early period in the present century it has been
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hot baths, leaving the subject of the disease unusually sensitive to
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(c) Variability in the Changes. This is seen especially in the acute attacks,
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tube with a flange, but longer than the one employed by Dr.
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“if well diluted,” to control delirium and extreme discomfort. Claiming that his methods( 1992
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methods it would be the didactic lectures which could best