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the ascites, as that was probably dependent on causes unconnected with

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however, rendered the early recognition and treatment of

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will be opened by J. E. Brown, M. D., Columbus. "Hematology

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Regulatory decision taken by the Occupational Safety and

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Norton's Osteology used rightly, will, we are sure, prove a

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The fungus is easily cultivated by inoculating scrapings of the affp^fo^i

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rable state, being exposed to the influence of a damp or cold atmo-

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fection it was reduced and the vaginal canal plugged

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from the duodenal side, it is also thought probable that its

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tance in determining the manner in which quinine may

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the attacks in paroxysmal form, or it may be permanent. Actual nephritis

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paralysis which occurs from lesions of the cortex or pyi'amidal tracts of

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denen Wirbelthierklassen. Virchow's Archiv, Bd. 95, S. 1-25. Berlin,

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metformin (N,N-dimethylbiguanide) in man. Clin Pharmacol Ther

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limb, or when it bears weight or presses upon it. During motion

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he was not able to take his usual exercise out of doors.

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Clinical Club, a group of physicians in Albany, who

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standers. The "drunk" has far less muscular strength

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my opinion that the appendix was the cause of the trouble, and ad-

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the patient was very weak, unable to walk more than two

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secretion free from the presence of vesical products, I pass a soft flexible catheter,

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ments are the seat of inflamnuition, or the enlarged, prolapsed

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ing the pieces and elevating the depressed fragments,

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chez les herp6tiques. Union m6d.. Par., 1885, 3. s., xxxix,