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or to affect the constitutional element in cancer. It is
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cancer may be excluded, but if there are irregularities of the
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(1 per cent.) may be used, and the washing of the sac can be taught to
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appurtenances, especially to the lining of the left ventricle
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on the disorder, and tends to perpetuate it. It appears, in some cases, to
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diaphragm; after a time, anasarca comes on, and often hydrothorax
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the hip bones, the floor of the pelvis, generally occur from the
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Catarrh of the respiratory tract is very common. This may be-
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condition. Other French authors have also urged the rheumatic causation
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" Spring No. 3, if it contains the same nerve-tonic as Spring No. 2,
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of Tubercular Cystitis," by Dr. L. Bolton Bangs, of New
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