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198 MR. key's strictures ON MR. GUTHRIE*S WORK ON HERNIA,

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had been removed by the use of purgatives, I resolved to try

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might be epitomized as follows : 1. It was a powerful local

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extension,partly by the development of new foci in the imimediate vicinity.

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for the semi-lunar bone ; in a fourth — No. 121 — the whole of the carpal

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a recognised qualification, who have attended such advanced and

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almost of philosophy — beginning at the beginning of

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purin-free diet, but 72 hours after eating 160 grams

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^ors'.'-.J^s^n^Zlt. Lea Brothers & Co. „^^.«h Av'^enu.

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Pari passed in review before him, as some suppose possible, what a

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forms of expectorant being the effervescing carbonate of

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bougie. I injected a small quantity of the solution

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facilities and prolong the drafting of physicians for

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rence of an early stage, lasting two or three months, and accompanied by

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sicians and Surgeons. Although the Universities have more

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siology in any language, published at the centre of physiological science,

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is liable to follow the malady independent of the treatment adopted.

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cold dash. The most active of tiiese cases present unmistakable evidences of

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producing an efficient fixation of the hip-joint. The

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tion in a chromic-acid solution. As some of the smaUer

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Med., Paris, June 29, 1920, Ixxxiii, No. 26, p. 588 ; McEwen, Arch.

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The liver was very much congested : the condition of the cells was remarkable, and

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often they develop in the axillae and in the groins, and show the same

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rather least affected parts — the depressions between them to the empty

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quite snug, and measure accurately the distance around the instep

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lates were noted in about 11 per cent of all stools