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later on. After sloughing, a circumscribed ulcer is left which heals

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is less frequently observed toward the end of the enanthemic stage

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the entire specimen was stained and cut into serial sections. The chorion and villi are

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To increase the resistance on the proximal side of the point of rupture

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but just because you thought it would be so handy to have in case of

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back into the bladder, treat as for "Gravel and Stone in the

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Premonitory symptoms are sometimes noticed, such as dull-

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albuminuria did not contraindicate the use of an anaes-

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creased pressure of the blood. On the other hand, Lussana and Ambro8oli,f after suspending

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and the constant negative result of Wright's reaction ; from trypano-

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rounding atmosphere, the stop-cock is closed, a change

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occasions death may appear to be equally a consequence of either or both of

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other symptoms of septicsemia. Lastly, the detached fragments of fibrin,

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** liable to appear in the different parts of the urinary pas-

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all cases resulting fatally, uideis opposition is offered

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those of the student of psychiatry — has led the writer to prepare this

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Sulphate of Iron and Sulphate of Copper in feed twice a day.

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me to try a new drug. ITiis case I treated, after remov-

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pressor, which ever since has given me great satisfac-

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resident clinical assistant at the hospital : " In the advanced cases the disease

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The tobacco leaf contains thousands of chemicals that

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fbunded upon theory alone, and deserves no reliance.

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general editorial charge of Gustavus P. Head, M.D.,

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pleura, hitherto stationary, have in the last few days, rapidly

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I June the year before for repeated haemorrhages (see last

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at St. Mary’s Hospital, Duluth, at the annual meeting

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elevation of the lower ribs be prevented by immobility of the costal articulations

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Suboccipital decompression opening, as it does, below the ten-

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habits which insure right living and peace of mind.

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In Toledo, in the face of serious obstacles, a determined

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before from a peritonsillar abscess and who had had a tonsillectomy

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tain size, and that its walls should be comparatively ductile.

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but in very few instances. Its smell is acid, and peculiar; so

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those who do not. This treatment should be given over ^

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