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tissues, the removing of obstructions to the movements
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Lawrence, B. J., Raleigh; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1918; U.N.C 1918 1920
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even if this rests upon them, they suffer little damage.
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tive except for the local examination of her neck. Her pupils are
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produced by all the nerves proceeding from the nervous centre
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ment was consequently less perfect than in the other two. All three cases of
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phase of the localized attack, but becomes more frequent and is of aug-
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patient in this case had been sick some six weeks, the question
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ola, Iowa; A. S. Bailey, Lorimor, Iowa; T. A. Bolt, Springfield, Mo.; J.
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" liunge : " Te.\t-book of Physics and I'alliology," London,
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makers, so that laws may be formulated which will let
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case by the large doses of sulphate of atropine which the
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putation with galvanic cautery. She did not want to
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diffusion of oxygen and glucose into the neuron. Each of
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wanted to know why it had prickly heat. Its clothing was
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the public accurate views on the subject of dietetics. The
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and detrition. If urine or bile, or carbonic acid, cease to be
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methods it would be the didactic lectures which could best
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again if they get no better; the patient gets disgusted, and the disease
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have shown (^. 150) that the iris has little, if any, share in secreting aqueous
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attack escape upon exposure. Nearly twice as many cases occur during
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and as he removed his hand she saw a wound or cut, which
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Rheumatism.-— We recommend to our readers the following prescrip-
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instead of learning to content himself with the modest garb of a dis-
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well-marked mulberry rash, were unequivocally affected with typhus fever. It
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about two grains daily. Her husband thought that she
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lived together were not man and wife, etc. I hope he i.s
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I desire to express my best thanks to Dr Hugh MacLean for kindly help
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or two carefully dried Endo plates (Robinson's and Rettger's
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the two kidneys were found to be united by displacement of
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covering extensive defects upon the arm or leg, especially when a
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ferred the collection of liquid to obstruction, and to organic diseases
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above treatment about four days, with some amendment forty-eight hours
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width of the chimneys ; and by suggesting the contraction of grates
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mice, and is often sold as Liverpool virus, Pasteur virus, and
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Ikmaids, who had previously become accidentally inoculated
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