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second, that tumors, carcinoma included, can grow to a large

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importance, as significant of death from exposure to cold.

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thing flapping, the size of a pea. I removed it by upper bronchoscopy, and

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speedy metastasis, is one of the most extraordinary

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Peshawur in April or May, and there caused a very serious

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This germ is extremely small, and can only be detected by

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the resolution of the Committee of Council with re-

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oldest protections to public health. Public attention was

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from the Bureau of Government Laboratories, Manila, 1902.

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that we use every other means that we have at our command to combat

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>iird. The worst case of fa-tid foot-sweat may be cured at once by

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off the iron, a-l ministering in its stead, from January 4 until January 30,

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with sharply marked outlines covering an area of a few inches

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had set in — difficult ci-oupy respiration, pale bloated face, cold skin, pulse

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parts, according to organ or locality affected, the kind of sensa-

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offered for competition by this Society are :-- •„„,,.„„ ..

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Seidschutz Water. Sulphate of magnesia 3 dr., muriate of

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12 C Street and remained there until Jan. 12, 1912, when the mother left Inman

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eight ounces of blood were removed, with the effect of only producing a

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lost, there were heartbreaking " calls " for the winding-up,

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which there is no doubt ; but we cannot explain why the

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$70,936.09, and the balance to the credit of the College in the Bank (as per Bank Certificate)

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Widal and Lesn6,* cryosoopy was brought into the field of medical

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The differences, as regards the general symptoms, in different epidemics

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diseases, has not answered expectations ; for its action has been

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from one's own point of view, of any germane topic of

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so rapidly as they go down the neck behind the ster-

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An editor will be in the editorial office daily, except Sunday,

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a few of the cells present the first appearance of fat

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time, the species of Anophelince caught in the native huts, to map

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26. Gautier, " Leqons de Chimie Biologique," 1897, p. 763.

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every veterinary surgeon when called to attend a cow found to be

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(6) Ovary. — I can detect no abnormality in the ovary. It contains