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when she died suddenly from pulmonary embolism on the twenty-fifth day.
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thickens, frequently stirring. Wine, sugar, and nutmeg may be
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thalmic Surgeon to the Children's Hospital, Nottingham.
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placenta and of the function and interaction of the ductless glands,
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vascular sheaths. The lateral ventricle has been invaded along the choroid
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boy and the girl of today will be the man and the woman of tomorrow,
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it by favouring the lateral circulation. Even in the case of recovery, until the
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Vice President ; Dr. S. W. Bristow. Secretary ; Dr. J. A.
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the causes of impotency (sterility) in advanced age are to be found rather ■ m
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analogous, the authors think, to what occurs after haemorrhage, men-
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years of age, entered Jefferson Hospital March 28, 1892,
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less, and all but dead, and whose veins were injected. He then
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retention of 0.1301 gm. of sulphur. We are quite at a loss to explain
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