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Paratyphoid Fever. — Paratyphoid fever both clinically and etiologi-
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the more deeply, the farther the presenting part of the child re-
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actually furnishes the most conclusive evidence of the fact, that
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will find that this perfume meets with a ready sale.
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term of service in the army, being stationed in the
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with generalized hypera;sthesia. Finally followed a series
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Seibert, of New York, read a paper entitled, " Further
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The indications for treatment are to increase the action
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way adapted to serve, not only as a complete guide,
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there were rashes in 20. In 12 cases the rash was an
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gird it to the fevered patient ; soon it will wonder-
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must, moreover, ascertain whether it is free from the injurious ac-
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Fort St. Michael, Alaska, to relieve First Lieutenant William H.
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splint extended from close below the anterior axillary fold to
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minent symptom, tlie pun being generally thnitul ; t liere i.s xaott or k
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days of a feeling of well being. About this time or with the secondary rise of fever
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definitely known to be an early stage of sleeping sickness, in which
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Sometimes gastric distress is complained of without either severe pain
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bone can be easily reached, pieces of lint dipped in
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twenty minutes when it left — no perspiration followed*
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rather the emigration of wandering cells to the point of
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With spaitei'd clothes, and boots bedimu'd and muddy,
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ful in removing disease of every form; that the use of them is perfectly
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after her first visit to me, left lid slightly drooping;
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peutic viewpoint, all acute rheumatic conditions have this in common that
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that his position is a hard one to maintain, for this reason : It
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peritonitis some recover, as is shown by a reference to cases men-
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certain jerk in the pulse, so that we cannot help suspecting that
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105. Diphtheria Antitoxin. — Sawyer has had within two
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The City Hospital.— Dr. James P. Tuttlo has been ap-
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a considerable prophylactic value appears to be well