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seoondarilj, as a oonsequenoe of the bronchitis induced bj the irri-
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trained by the local and internal use of the Tincture of the Sesquichloride of Iron. There
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trol to its fellow when the latter is subjected to injury,
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its endemial seats, provided he remain there a constant resident.
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cumflex nerve of the right shoulder which accompanies the long
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seek and follow the advice of a physician instead of trying to
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carefully dried. The nipples should be carefully washed and
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Transactions, Philadelphia Neurological Society, 81
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Before consciousness returned respirations were *i4, temperature
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Icterus, tumor of the spleen, hypertrophic and atrophic liver,
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maintenance gold therapy often results in recurrence of
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where it approaches the epiglottis, is beset with large conical
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pranolol therapy is interrupted and exacerbation of angina occurs, it usually is advisa-
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had quoted the statement that in the prohibition states
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Leave of absence for tour months^to take effect about Janu-
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The heart, liver, and kidneys present the characteristic appearance
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from abdominal viscera. Thus abdominal petrissage will nearly
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Dr. T. W. Nicliolson, whose death recently occurred
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fiontal and occipital parts of the ocdpito-frontalia
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the specimen with a concentrated alcoholic solution of methylene-blue (without
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their tracks remained open. In the course of ten days two of these were
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ence in each case is to be the guide as to the mode of administration. Gene-
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For transmission of the disease, mere traces of the excretions suffice.
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Diagnosis. — ^This is at all times difficult, since many or all of the symptoms
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asthma, in which he declares it will scarcely ever fail to produce im-
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clinic " (why did they burden it with such an awful name ?),
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found around the neck. No further attempt was made to save the
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of bathing should, if possible, neither be above nor below the natural
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dense mass of scar tissue. This completely seals up the mouth of the
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hectic fever, with chills and night sweats, is believed
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The next day (December Gth) suppuration was fairly established, pulse was
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susceptible individual. Several claims have been put
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est, nor where the vessel gave evidence of the greatest engorge-
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of the parathyroid glands suggests an intimate relation be-
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whose generosity and patient endurance it does not praise, proving by that
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Three weeks later the patient came under my observation. She
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The similarity of those tropical cachexias with splenomegaly to
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conclude that the peculiar false paraplegia caused by reflex
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ment two weeks old the results were almost identical with those
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We have already spoken of the alterations in the urinary secretion
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are promptly fatal unless skillfully operated. I am dealing rather