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system, which shows itself in excitation, and later insensibihty and
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resulted from the solution having been injected either too frequently or
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the tumor will generally be a cylindric-cell carcinoma, and this form
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era! nerves, have sometimes occasioned epilepsy (although, indeed,
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1. Ettinger W: Immobility in the elderly. In: Kelley, W, ed. Textbook
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fourth day or the beginning of the fifth he had crisis, the pneumonia
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court of any great size. It numbers over one thousand
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benefited at that place, particularly in summer, when sea-
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tion does there appear to have been any bad appearance, accidents, or
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quently in such cases because they feared to find intussuscep-
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1964. Reed, Miriam, 253 Witherspoon St., Princeton, N. J.
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these estabhshments no longer received a sufficient supply of water. It was
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and, as is frequently the case with a new experiment,
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when the furrows are more marked, like that of a lion ; hence the
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that the proper exhibition of purgative medicines affords fure
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ing at stool, coitus, etc., but disease of the vessel-walls must pre-
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Knife, amputating: Used for amputating a limb; a large one is
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hand, sufficient evidence, it is believed, has been advanced to show that
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Cloquet. In the fourth we are told, that " there are none of
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enumerate ; its quickness of performance ; its thorough-
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no doubt, is, that the afl^ection of the nervous system so often arises from
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ing, through the skin, to the posterior third of the
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higher than that of any other profession during the same period of life.
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but the membrane of which is not visible, and of i)rotoplasm which is
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brain, which may be either the white or gray matter, is soi'tened, somewhat
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frequency of attack and mortality was greater in the
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nitrogen ingested, but that periodically the excretion of nitrogen far
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filling of the left auricle is transferred to the pulmonary veins, and by way
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the day after a debauch, much to the astonishment of the patient, he
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presumed that the rectum has been explored prior to opera-
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It may not be generally known, but it is none the less a fact,
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tongue varies in its condition, as it does in the acute affection, and often
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tion; likewise isolated sporulation forms. The pigment which they con-
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sufficient reason to adduce for the presence of a polycytlumiia. lie wished to
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ward, with the body bent ; and tlie subject of locomotor ataxia lifts his
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for the fixation of fractured bones. They are made of a great variety