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and which of the two ferments, that of the salivary
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as a rule offers less difficulty. By far the greatest aid is lumbar punc-
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dose of an epidemic than at its commencement ; and further to be more
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very disajjpointing case recurred after seven years. One
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an acute miliary tuberculosis, or the farther infection
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subject of our discussion several names have been applied — to wit,
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sidos. The pidsc biH-omes stroufrei' and fuller and the first sound and impulse
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France m6d.. Par., 1888, ii, 17511.— Pollossou (A.) &
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the same as that employed in other forms of iritis.
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fcr many nights on end, or at weekly, monthly, or longer intervals.
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men of the medical profession that are not going is, Are you buying
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this acute neuritis. All of the surface of the foot and leg
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get any better. I believe that in all these cases the disease is seri-
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registered to the number of about twenty consecutively, at which the
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metres in length with a greatest mdth behind the ventral sucker of i m lli-
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only vaguely indicated. The external auditory meatus is said to
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suffered from such a perversion of the moral principle as led to
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Operations at University College Hospital, 2 p.m. ; St. Mary's, 2 p.m. ;
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ing, and the remedy can no longer be borne. To definitely state if this be a
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. . . 1891-3, Wien, 189G, xxi-xxiii, 607 -693.— Singer (G.)
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has shown that over ninety-live per cent, of such bacil-
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bilharzia patients; water so guarded for two days may be safely used for
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Sedgwick (H. A.) Ball-cock. No. 603346; May3,1898.—
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dominal surgery Dr. Barnes felt sure both Caesarean
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neuralgic pain produced by pressure ujjon the hepatic plexus of nerves ; and,
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It was decided to open the caecum opposite the enlarged glands.
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Jalaguier records 182 cases in his own practice, 4 were
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over the spinous processes and knuckles, become dark sooner or later. Pig-
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has a "Pirogoff Society for the Study of Tuberculosis."
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rise to its morbid effects, may take place through the lungs, the stonuK^
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both critical periods, when the amounts of urine in twenty-four hours
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stacle to contend with ; they must explain how it is that a fil-
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suicides were in one ward lying in adjoining beds. One
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dox (E. E.) Tbe investigation by the rod-test of p.areses
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of the abdomen. For nine months she was treated for "in-
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is apparently a reliable anestlietic scopolamin does not produce
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