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Sir Philip Sidney, Dr. Johnson and the two Wartons,

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of instrumental obstetrics. Conservatism becomes us all,especially

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Roserash, Smallpox with Scabies, and Chi. ken-pox with Eczema. Hebra's treatise is entitled,

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single instance of reducing this dislocation by tl^e tractive force of one hand,

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He said he would confine himself to his own line of

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to be due either to the absence or the atrophy of the thyroid,

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different localities, affecting certain streets and quarters solely or more

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New York, 1869, vol. i. p. 393) met with a case which was reported by

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establish a medicinal ascendency over the disease; and the second period^

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cause discomfort and. rarely, more serious side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, which

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fifteen drops of guaiacol should be painted over the seat of the disease,

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In no case has there been any phlegmonous inflammation

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The toes gradually enlarged, and, in the language of the patient, " the

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Amongst other operations, on Saturday last I saw him perform one

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remedy therefor, especially at certain times and in certain

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An examination is required of candidates for the Fellowship of

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from Chicago, so that the series is purely an enterprise of the

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good doses of the nervine tincture, or of the tincture

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Mar 5-7 Clinical Decisions in Urogynecologv & Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, Crowne Plaza Manhatten Hotel, New

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temperature was 104В°, respiration 48. Hot flaxseed-

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])ated, but the exceptions to this rule are not very infrequent. Constipi*

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compelling a belief in superintending and directing mind, for

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ences such as would be of value in classifying could be discovered.

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584. Should a hospital train or hospital ship receive patients unac-