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tice like that just indicated, and that vaccination,
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1. Armanni: Quoted by Cantani, Le diabete sucr^ et son traitement diet-
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relief at various times ever since its first trial (July, 1895).
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It has been suggested that such cases may be due to action of the dysentery
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patient, although exhausted, experiences a feeling of comfort and well-
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able representative at the General Council of Medical Educa-
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formed with Mrs. William R. Fisher as president. The
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percentage of the deaths from diphtheria, scarlet fever,
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induced by a single intercourse, extending over 317 days.
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of nature, brought rapidly a mental poise and depth, and
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in the evaluation of malignancy. Some, such as those
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isolated in September, 1918, from nasopharynx. Strain L from the same source,
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characteristics intermarry with families that do not
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dation provided out of the rates and yet refused by those for
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personal observations as to the health question may prove
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not only of general blood disorders, but also of inflammatory and ulcerative
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tuberosum multiplex is now regarded by most authorities as identical
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Case 2. — The second case was that of a housewife, {Bt. 29. She
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are removed; and if to these are added the microscopic and chemi-
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following the administration of 40 grams) occasionally occurs in dis-
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potential additive effects with other hypnotics or CNS depres-
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glassful — generally much less. Latterly it has been
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