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of eucalyptus 3 minims to an ounce of carron oil. A 1 per cent
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consumes the surplus fat laid up in the tissues, drawing upon her
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blow a very shrill whistle with considerable force. The noise
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In view of such statements I have found it of interest
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Before the administration is begun in a case of dyspnoea it is well to
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of omentum, also strangulated, was ligated and removed.
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point, we think there can be no doubt, but ease and economy
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to announce the presentation of a cash award at the
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canal. In this section no trace of an intestine can be seen ;
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disappearance of the tubercle bacilli, with a corresponding better-
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single line will be found to sum up the whole matter.
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time to consider the report together. We considered Dr.
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after growth has been completed it does not usually undergo any
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responsible positions in the social life friend, one to whom they may come for
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pression, and an opening was readily found leading directly into one of the
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pneumonia, admitted him to the ward. After a careful
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The organic and inorganic kingdoms are interdependent, and
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A cystic tumor containing colloid material in the interstices
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Dr. Turner Anderson: I do not know that I have seen a great many
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and florid ; he complains of sore throat, and on examination the tonsils are seen to be
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and unless the stenosis be complete, laxatives and enemata may clear
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Dr. Gordon proceeded to describe the anatomy of the pelvic articulations,
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Exfoliativa Neonatorum/' a clinical sketch of a hitherto undescribed
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wheelers' reins, and then use the whip on the leaders ; otherwise, as
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costal muscles, before being divided. If we pursue the
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the time occupied in applying electricity would in time
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emanate from that School sufficiently testify. What
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registered in each of the four weeks ended Saturday, June 19,
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with the omental flap, which did not adhere. The peritoneal sur-
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duced. Enemata failed and the bowels did not act until
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the}' caused much local irritation and inflammation ; but this was afterwards
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peared uneasy when disturbed, or roused from their apparent
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landowner was wealthy w^th a rent-roll of £500, and fairly