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person of the sick. No one can doubt the propriety of this rule, what-

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nitiSf owing to the fact that the elongated omental tumor may be met with

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amputated at the hip and suspended by the knee through a strong

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tious terms, they have enjoyed a transient notoriety and

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ety, receiving its Horsley Award in 1971 for “out-

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as much as possible. In one of my cases, the forearms were wrapped in

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Gas, ignition of by lightning, 471 ; supply of, 564

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many instances, fully established itself as the Science of Rational

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heart begins to falter on account of the duration of the

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are illustrated in this chapter. The patient practically

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of the affection, is followed by collapse which culminates in death.

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classification given of a threefold variety of naked-eye appearances just

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Ectopic Gestation — Report of Cases. J. E. OUcreest.

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asthenic, or of nervous character, the pulse being rapid, soft, and

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were bled; in 1693, the direction of spread being from west to

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these cramps are hght, and do not distress the patient

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We note, in passing, that the Indiana doctors, in convention assembled,

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come into vogue, no general epidemics had prevailed

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individual. In primary cases the prognosis is not so bad as in pulmonary

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Enc6phale,Par., 1887, vii, 188-197.— Fcri-ari (G. C.) La

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produce and maintain preternatural fulness of the vessels the

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part can be detected are called structural or organic diseases.

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general subdivision into neuroses of sensation, of mo-

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• The application of nitrate of silver for this purpose is useless,