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considered the " tropical abscess " par excellence, and
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contact with those of tlie embryo, or of the fcrtal oi-
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Chester Wade, M.D. ; T. J. Nereim, M.D. ; and E. M.
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carcinoma of the pelvis is exceedingly rare, one case having been described
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be that the miliary granulations within the skull existed for some time prior
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various counties of the State is embodied in this Convention. It is to
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the femur in a patient 83 ^ears of age; recovery with a
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swellings in the neck, although they seemed to be less tense.
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Cause. — The uterus is large, and there is relaxation or a
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compensation for services rendered as the warden of the State
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undertook its campaign, but it was believed that by laying siege to
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& Studies of the College of Physicians of Phil-
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far, cases have been reported from the southern regions of Brazil only.
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medicaments embraced in this treatise and those that appeal to the public
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About two drachms of sero-pus in the pericardial cavity, and flakes of yellow
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mometasone furoate nasal spray a review of safety and systemic effects
gesting diseases of the heart or of the arteries were
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action, produced by the application of the galvanic stimulus to the pneumogastric, he
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May 24, 1919, by Lieut. Colonel Foster, entitled "Medical Education
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year so long as they are in a prosperous condition. However, I shall be very happy to ccm-
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eighth Street and the North River, produce could be
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a fellow-citizen, anonymous as a critic, without name as a
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Clinic and Experiment.— The difficulty of properly
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general observation, if not by precisely ascertained facts — that whether we
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the level at which the changes occur in the spinal cord and the
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photograph is taken from directly behind the patient ; one taken
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On May 18, 1897, the boy's health having sufficiently im-