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intestinalis (Anguillula intestinalis), a parasite very
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four advanced degrees between them — they are both M . D . ,
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and trial, considering the fatal tendency of the disease. I have often
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cent, of tears in his series was greater than the ultimate
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the movable kidney was merely an hypertrophied gland doing all the
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of the liver. So the descent of the lower pulmonary and anterior
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found except the disease of the heart and of the spleen, with
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Dr. Sangster — May I ask Dr. Williams one question ? 1 think <^ candidate must take
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disease hitherto described, which presents symptoms precisely
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days ; on the following morning she died. She had sleep from an
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Walter W. Hamburger, M.D., and Walter S. Priest, Jr., M.D. 629
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ment, except when a physician is called in cases of
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time when he was in a shell-hole with a bullet wound in his arm : he was there
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was adhesion in a false joint, there coidd have been no crepita-
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and the profuse lacrimation, and prevents depression by stimulating the heart
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tearing of the walls owing to disease. Two such in-
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Rolls. On May 7 he gave his judgment in favour of the
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344-353. — 3. Idem. "Defective children: their Needs and their Rights, "International
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in some places (6, c) and swollen at others, a, Shows the thickening of the limitary
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chow, of Berlin, described a case, presenting the same appearances,
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James M. Sorenson, MD; Charles J. Sherkow, MD; Robert B. Rasmus, MD; Anthony F.
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5. Ossification op the Flexor Brachii in chronic shoulder lame-
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the manner in which the nucleus or head is viewed rather
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Recent Researches relating to the ^Etiology of Yellow Fever. By
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mand of mysterious powers; it was held a secret until
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tration when pure in large doses is unattended with danger, for in
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canal into the already infected peritoneal cavity can mean one thing
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conjunction with a colon resection in which primary bowel
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repression, and they are able to recall the details of
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Cerebritis, and Abscess of the Brain. Structural Lesions within the Cranium. In-
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more fully than it is capable of departing during expiration. This
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trophic lateral sclerosis is worse than of progressive muscular atrophy,
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and her mother so corroborates her daughter's account of her
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