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ous symptoms as they arise, to the particular cause
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minent ; defecation Avas attended with pain in the lumbal' region, and
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" I was ill, lay abed — here at home — the old litany." (Let-
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what he has. Sometimes this knowledge has an injurious effect,
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cases the dropsy sochci becomes veiy severe. The hce^ hands, legs, and
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lum and pons, and nowhere else. The actual cause is
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This remedy is simple ; always at hand, and requires very little
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etc.; pyorrhea, result of the neglect of the mouth, to infectious con-
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Welch delivered what was really an exhaustive survey of the
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centre may disorder or paralyse its action and prove directly depressing. Thus Weber and
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Dr. Andrew Sargent, Hopkinsville : I feel that I have no apology to
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gestion which is associated with other affections of the lungs, as well as primary
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and rode the entire distance to Philadelphia to attend the lectures.
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wearing away of the supporting cartilaginous tissue in
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or identical with the amoeba; similar bodies were also found
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December 28, x-rays showed shadow over the whole left side of the chest.
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atheroma. Firm clots lie in right auricle ; and a large white
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Laymon, Carl W„ and Schoch, Eugene P. : Nevoxantho-
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of the preceding century. But to stop here is only sjjot s|u-
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1863.] Simpson, Clinical Lectures on Diseases of "Women. 189
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I am perfectly well aware that there is a difference between
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culous individual, and if both have a record of similar nature is it not
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there were giants in those days, but because asepsis and
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advice ought always to be had recourse to ; for the worst cases we
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they have been used to fill gaps in our knowledge, or as confirmation of
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Of remedies, other than purgatives, which experience has shown to be