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the unfortunate ones cannot only be cured, but be fully instructed in

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sized cyst on the anterior surface of the epiglottis and

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granules, odorless, and having a purely sweet taste. Per-

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peritoneum was therefore closed and the transversalis fas-

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in tliis disease, does not give a fair representation of the internal temperature.

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of acetic acid became clumps of cholesterin crystals.

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suggested in 1884 by Laugenbach, but first definitely planned and car-

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the high regions of Georgia and Alabama about the southern end of the

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mosquito, bearing in mind that it is essentially the same in all varieties of the

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fullness of the throat. It is noticeable that the pain is

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condition. Other French authors have also urged the rheumatic causation

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changes in diet. During the winter their food was principally venison,

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p. 972), which he attributes to the employment of Kosenow's serum,

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solid caustic-holder, Mr. Matthews has constructed an

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wound, a condition that may prevail when, to restrain

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3gllosis. — In milder cases, especially with the antitoxin

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regards the location in the nervous system, and in no sense concerned in the