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give eliect to tiie proposal suggested in this question.

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under your notice to state completely the case for operation

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Mi'Uer Hospital and Royal Kent Dispensary, vice Cecil H. Rock,

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Wellington College is "now one of the best, if not actually

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weeks, and getting better, but had another attack of violent

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which I could pass my finger inwards, and downwards into the

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random accusations, and there ought to be many hundreds in this

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"does not find that boys who excel in athletics are, as a

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Lieutenant-Colonel October 1st. 1892. During the Afghan war in 1880, he

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the charter permits, a third physician will be appointed

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Coventry; Mr. C. H. Phillips, Hanley ; Dr. Paul, London ;'Mv. D. 8.

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The shortness of the abstract of our paper with which you

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for the extension of the Xorth- Western Railway. He male

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AssistantSui-geon Royal Infirmary, Neivcastle-on Tyne.

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right eyelid began to droop, and the difficulty in swallowing and speaking

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versity College Liverpool ; J. Dixon. Guv's Hospital ; T. H Dufon

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to the public health by the said State Board of Health.

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The patient did not suSer in any way from the operation.

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A. H., a young nnmarriert wcnan, wag seat into hospital as a case

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American Jottjxgs. — The Xew York Board of Education

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to do with homceopathy. Mr. Strange was not brought be-

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back of the mouth was examined in a good light, the soft

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presence of chains of favus spores growing between the

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nerves which is produced by alcohol. Although this was

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IS a clot or a retained bit of placenta, or something which the uterus is

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(B> Dr. W. Richardson, Beading ; R. Richmond, M.B., Great Bard-

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duration, and each of the regions marked 1, 2, 3, 4 was excited

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of toxins. The latter have a destructive action on the epi-

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London, into the country for not less than a fortnight's stay.

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current, we think it well to publish a brief analysis of the

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shoulder. This he was unable to perform on account of pain in the right

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simplest methods. It is an attempt to substitute object

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which it was highest in West Ham, CroVdon, Maxichester, Salford, and

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Association: Address by Dr. Springthorpe : Election of Officers;

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in the wall leading into a shaft ; ofl' it is a watercloset also

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eye noted to be much better; thechemosis was decidedly

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Allahabad District, vicf Surgeon-Colonel R. P. Ferguson, transferred.

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nental schools, what length of time should be devoted to the study of

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nucerlaioty has arisen as to the isolation arrau^iements. In the south

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four years ago, she has had increasing pain with her monthly times. The

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(several occur repeatedly) : hydrophthalmus, staphyloma,

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maids who had perforation. In each ease it occurred in the

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sinuses, and probably into the patent Fallopian tube. I make it a prac-

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very oppressive, though the new legislation will considerably

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Tlie term " apical " ought to be enlarged to " upper half," for

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pay, as an average sum, half a crown. On the other hand, a

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questionable whether the omission of a triangular bandage is altogether

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Chemical Papers from the Research Laboratory of the

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H. T. ButUn, London ; Dr. J. M. Booth, Aberdeen ; Dr. F. H. Barendt,

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necessary, and from a medical point of view it appears to be