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the location of the fold of mucous membrane, but may be situated a slight

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aroused, said he felt better ; pulse 134, and very compressible ;

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tule may attack, Boui'geois says : — "These points are, in

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desirable or are refused. Thus, I have applied it to

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certain cases, and the removal of the lens with the flattened spoon. This in-

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to clear up various anatomical points that had before re-

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woman, and of 600 cubic feet for the chionicand infirm'. They

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rophilus and Erasistratus had seen white vessels connected

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On the part of the operator, his case being judiciously

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the vermiform appendix was lying on the anterior aspect of the lesser

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and contracted ; he has even guessed at the corresponding

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cens. There was slight but distinct ptosis, equal on

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i-vii--i>,.K. i,,r I,,;-., -..| .1,, I ■ !■ " .'^.ii'.- nt,,iii,'|| ii.ii

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of carrving out the principle acknowledged by the Council.

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Association. Chicago Marriott Hotel in Chicago, FL. For

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after intercourse. Cancer of the fundus occurs so frequently after the

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The coldness increasing, the motor nerves of the fifth pair are

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The voung man's decision to become a surgeon evoked no

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indefinite title of " ethmoid " disease. He could not

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The operation for empyema was frequently recommended, but was op-

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had continued for two weeks, and tho lifoof the patient had also

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while the rest of the organ, finding only the viscera, which were easily displaced, grew

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cases known as pemphigus pruriginosus, it would have covered the whole

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Society will be held in Turin on the 15th to the 20th ot

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3. The products of electrolytic decomposition are termed the

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year by Harris, and thus the published cases in a few

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Influenza occurred late in the spring amongst the blacks on

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some plain, some medicated. The plain ones were used for

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. ''',""',!"/! "'"''■'' ■"''"'"'"'-'' l-'r.H,„„nu ., .,„l,c,cr i. n,M p,,..,,i

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1895-0, xvi, fasc. 2, 68-71. Also: Suppl. al policlin., Eonm,

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The second form " is nearly flat from side to side, and but

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brum, cerebellum and myelon are divided into two hemispheres each,

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divided by a slight sawing movement of the knife, which will

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(/;) Tumors in the motor region. The early symptoms are irritative an-i.

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tinue calling these diseases lu]>us .and scrofulide. As to

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The waters of Vichy were suspended, and replaced by the