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ings, acute and chronic infections, acute and chronic visceral diseases^
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Usually death takes place in about a week's time. A fatal
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which belong to the clinical history of pericarditis, and the disease is
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erable hoarseness, pain over the right eye, and tears running
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ing, not simply because they are the most numerous, but because they
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which do not actually reach the cortex, this symptom may be entirely
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In addition to the tubercle bacillus, which unquestionably plays a
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irritation and inflammation to subside, the elasticity of the
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Case CCXXV.* — Anne Dowie, pet. 18, servant — admitted December 10th, 1851.
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Griffin, W. E., Asheville, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1910 1910 1917
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effects, and if they were converted into ammonia compounds
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Repr. from: Ann. univ. dimed., Milano, 1861, clxxvi.
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called asthenic, there are great restlessness and prostration, with a notably
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tion, all nervous functions could bo destroyed by jar. He
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ciated. An exploratory operation had been done, and
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Institute at Stockholm. Of the several billets I have held in this
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pecting that the tracheal tube had become obstructed he
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traiture of what came under my own observation, that I am
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the intermission urea and uric acid fall below the normal standard. In
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