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Nine cases are related, in which complete cures were effect-
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from the moment of the bite till the appearance of the known symptoms of
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fauces with a soft swab, and repeat it every ten or fifteen min-
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cases divided with difficulty, and the operation is iiy
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sented some models and casts illustrating bad cases of club-
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gia. The paroxysms of severe pain come on gradually, and, after
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nitely ; nevertheless, as analogous cases arc not uncommon, the inquiry mooted
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to its pernicious action upon the digestive organs. The administration
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were observed, with the exception of a pronounced ante-
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produce a greasy stain on paper, permanent when heated ; the
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forty-eight hours, and great numbers of staphylococci may be found
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In other cases the mineral adds can be substituted with advanta^ for the
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,1 the blood-itream that it beeante possible Icu' the anaerobe to invade the
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mon circumstance belAigs. The movement of the sanguine fluid
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excavating new furrows through the fleshy ridgfes that surround
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understand how mosquitoes and man alone can be respon-
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measles poison, without any relation to its general effects, and, as such,
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disappeared from this country. The reason of this may fairly be
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leading. In this study, where the diagnosis was ques-
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gradual onset, the symmetrical incidence of the paralysis, and the pres-
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disturbance of any one of these functions of the liver colls
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tion of the pulse and heat of the surface are greater than at the commence-
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Chronic disease becomes especially active, spreading over
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