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(Read before 112th An. Meeting of The Med. and Chirurg. Faculty
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remedies. For the sleeplessness, he prefers codein to
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diminished, the heart tones weakened, and resonating, crepitating, or metallic noises
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created to recognize the civic, cultural, economic, charitable and health care
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the left temporomaxillary articulation and below the left ear. The pain was accompanied
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ment and welfare are greatly involved in the perfection of our corporeal
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almshouses and hospitals for chronic patients confirm
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gogue in certain cases." {Inter-Colonial Med. Journ. of Austral-
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siderably diminished. But, after some time, the improvement disappeared, and
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injection, returned to normal in the afternoon, and so remained
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Drs. Hoy B. Speer, Jr., Stuttgart, Donald A. Toatley,
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by mouth, subcutaneous injection of amounts ordinarily toxic produced
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of the Dominion, applications were made for inspection.
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hour or two. It is claimed by some, that quinine in full doses will
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In regard to burns in general, I do not like to use too much
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received collectively the name of the ' ' chromaffin tissue system. ' ' All these
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into which it becomes finally merged when the resolution is completed.
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so-called Drigalski's agar is prepared as follows: 2
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Dr. Sangster — It seems to me Dr. Thornton is correct. If this is a report not of the
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1. This wort, which is named cxoptitov, and by another
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acquainted with any work containing such full and detailed summaries of
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ing the eyes of infants immediately after birth. As sub-
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410. Naturally, it may also be inferred that the vicarious action of the
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there be an absence of pain in the chest, until a few hours
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