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in a given position and rigidly held there. Without such an ar-

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this kind are rare. If death take place before the stage of suppuration, it is

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Tumors of the parietal lobe may also cause focal paralysis and convul-

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of neutrality lasting nearly an hour is followed by a rapid rise in gastric

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temperature near zero, and, above all, if furnished ice water to

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6. The Continuance of Cholera and Typhus on the Hamburg-

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the apex by the inner portion of the scaphoid. This patient progressed favour-

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Plattsburg, N. Y., June 7, from pneumonia, aged 37.

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with the skiagraph. It should particularly be remem-

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suit of happiness, but also a hygienic and reasonably safe environ-

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Absence of lactic acid is rare in cases where these two factors co-exist;

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constitutional symptoms develop rapidly while the abdominal re-

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to these two forms. But the epithelial derivation of the great majority of the

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sensitiveness of the cervical spinous processes to percussion ;

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ing of painful and various unpleasant sensations in tlie

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explanations of the nature and causes of paralytic affections. I have

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costalis muscle) compression upward of the diaphragm, by the

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But, further, it is by no means very uncommon to have more than

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The President put the amendment, and, on a vote having been taken, declared it lost.

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aware that it occurred in any of the cases which he collated from the

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lunb, from the ankle to the groin, is enveloped in a layer of

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The subscribers have just "received from Cincinnatti a variety of

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at the time of the chill, and it has then been found, as in several of

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ous clinical forms, Avhich are perfectly explained by a study of the

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leaves a wide margin for theorizing and unsatisfactory discus-

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detached ])ortion of the coronoid process lying in front of the joint could

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of the mental character of nearly every one who comes

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symptoms which denote progressive disease, and an apparent

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Board and lodging can be obtained for from $o 50 to $5 per week. The tiece^sar;,

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inoculating successive generations of guinea-pigs indi-

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are the nose, lip, penis, scrotum, vulva, or the anus. The

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3. Association reaction times. — A large amount of work has been

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breath. He was not aware of the occurrence of any sudden

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membranous envelope of unusual thickness. The opaque yelk-mass,

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and Lindet, La Semaine med., Paris, September 9, 1892.)