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is contained in section 197 of the Manual of Examinations,
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centage of polymorphonuclear cells following anaes-
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rasthenia, melancholia, and epilepsy (though no defi-
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ficial opening should then be made in the lowest part
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anatomical mischief preventing the establishment of
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infectious nature of infantile paralysis. The writ-
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blood corpuscles, 750,000; white blood corpuscles, 40,000;
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tember 14th, qualified persons are urged to enter this ex-
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of the professors was discussed. A sum of $50,000 con-
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CustoVn-IIouse. New York, N. Y., New Orleans. La.; Old
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Pupils contracted. Ecchymosis and swelling over supe-
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when the emperor had the disease; Decem.ber, 1192; April,
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berculosis in the various countries. The conference is un-
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FiTTS, H. B., Aledical Inspector. Placed on the retired
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ture was subnormal five days, varying from 97° to 97.5°
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toneal cavity. This was carefully swabbed out with gauze
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Polymorphonuclear, 48 per cent. ; eosinophiles, 0.3 per cent. ;
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cine (Section in Medicine) ; Buffalo Academy of Med-
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der Medizinischen Fakultat zu Paris, Chirurg am Hopital