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Boston University School of Medicine. — The success which

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supposes to be working him mischief, or to destroy the arch-fiend whom

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of epithelioma of tlie corneo ■ scleral junction. Arch.

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generate its own antitoxin, how much more effectivel}- it

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better adapted for the purpose. In fact, the conditions are

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the ulcers or extensive the destruction of soft parts may

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quently performed or recommended in cases where he was able to pass the

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health on .\pril 23. 1913, but resigned on June 15 of

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usually degenerated in Friedreich's ataxia similarly to tabes dorsalis.

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contains gland-like tubules lined with subcolumnar epithelium.

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report*, refers to the improvements made in the buildings and

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then propels it, through the pulmonary artery, to the lungs. The

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The only morbid appearance that we could discover in any

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many views as to causation are studied in conjunction with the

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being almost ideal during good winters. It is not judicious

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astringents, alkalies, mercury, or bismuth can fill. He be-

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question which, in my opinion, must be answered in the negative. Some

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Progressive diminution of urea excretion, with or without al-


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Russian surgeon.f As the profession became acquainted with the opera-

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before the disease is recognised. The patients remain for months in a

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tory action extends and constitutes general peritoni-

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cells may also occur, though leucocytes are rather rare. Casts are

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great numbers of whom were in the habit of comicig every

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Skinner, Clarence E., Therapeutics of dry hot air, 182.

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forth any new views, or to advocate any particular doctrines, but to present

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gents will prevent maceration, render the exudation dry and hard,

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middle fingers of each hand, placed behind and under the angle, so as to imitate

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and each of their cases was speedily followed by a succession of

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nosis of diabetes is estal)lished, but also the importance of imme-

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through inflammation. Usually only one kidney involved.

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For the beginner it is especially important to start with

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this tribute to Dr. Brower as clinical teacher at the Woman's

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purely thoracic, but the urine free from blood except just after

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the European Theater, although closely approximating that shown

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wnole length of the body when filled with embryos, and com-

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into the uterus or Fallopian tubes, and the warm injec-