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in early insemination. These early developments, together

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of the treatment laid down above. In the typho-malarial form, especially

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acter of syphilitic eruptions, their symmetrical distribution, their persist-

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was irrigated with phenyle. Death followed in a few

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time. On Ash Wednesday and on the holy days of obligation the Chapel over-

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as a physician and especially as a refractionist. An oculist who

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little over five hours after the conclusion of the operation. Its imme-

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When other remedies are needed, will be determined by the physician,

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The counter-stain with the Lichtgriin-picric mixture was

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In conclusion, Dr. Smith said that although at pres-

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or sixth week it was often possible to show that it still con-

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For the contagious and infectious diseases we yet possess no pre-

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(quoted by Lusk), 1 in 117; Swayne and Tanner, 1 in 231;

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getting swollen, and later on his thighs, abdomen, and scrotum developed the

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run in part transversely and in part obliquely; the majority of them, how-

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cardium over the whole, or the greater part, of the surface of the

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work will prove valuable not only to the student preparing for examination, but also to the prac-

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during the sittings of the Council, be one of the committee, without being named by the

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Huntington, Henry K., New Rochelle, Westchester Co. Original.

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The idea of parasitism which we have here discussed in regard to

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tives and the Jewish Hospital of Philadelphia ; Fellow of the College of

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Should the ostium frontale become blocked a more serious train of

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protest against the admission of certain members from

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possess, and is called for in all cases of hemorrhage. "

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was lost, but only one artery Avas tied. Coming from under the influence

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contains albumin, hajmoglobiu, and bile pigment. A microscopical

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occasions death may appear to be equally a consequence of either or both of

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and food ingestion consequently limited or some other complications are present.

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position for incision is at present of maximum impor-