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pace set. Finally, in his turn, the tough and experienced man gives in.

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may so persist; (2) that where it is endemic in a confined

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accompany this rare form of disease are essentially those of chronic

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greater portion of the menstruum, the liquid portion should be

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of the people had no closets ; there were no washing-houses,

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In the first place, any eczematous and pustular complications must be

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bronchitis, but a congested state of the lungs. He had

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Microscopical. — The changes in the lymphoid structures are of the same

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5. The Journal of Mental Science, published by authority of the

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All inquiries are confidential within the Committee and no names or locations are necessary when

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stant ; disease of the heart is common ; not only hypertrophy of

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yet must we not entirely ignore a perversion of general

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of which emerged from the lower angle of the abdominal wound

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Mr. White attributes the occurrence of glanders in a mare and

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treatment of retroversions and retroflexions was the

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denismus (German), Ulcere Phagedenique des Pays Chauds (French),

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list of drugs, and gives minute details as to management.

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the Council on Medical Service which stated that it

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together by sutures. This is the procedure I should

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stimulant in other acute diseases, namely, pneumonia, enteric fever, and

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strong and firm. Mr. Colles, whose attention I directed to the state of

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of glaucoma following exudative retinitis albumiuurica.

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butes this condition not to peripheral irritation, intestinal worms, affection of

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this paper to discuss the tobacco habit and tobaccoism from the physi-

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Koran, which contains regulations for both the civil and religious

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