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singers and actors, and he has a son who is already
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He is not backward in stating his preferences regarding
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and Pirogoft" was therefore led to experiment with the
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lence, alteration of carriage, and the like. Among the occasional earlier
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The dose should never exceed 10 grains of the hydro-
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jections of anti-rabic vaccine for each patient. For this reason, I am
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14, 1874, state as the results of a series of experiments they have made: 1.
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or volume. Others are readily detected by means of such simple tests as
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consumption of dry fodder. It is instructive to note that cases
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or three days, the pneumonic inflammation is so limited as not to furnish the
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nomena observed. Thus, were the right side of the brain to become
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mained frequent, and the derangement of the mental faculties
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some smaller cysts broken up and emptied, and the whole
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labor it is almost necessary that the beets be grown near a town
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made to lateral homonymous hemianopsia. All other forms are due to a
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of this mechanism in a disease such as typhoid where our knowledge
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often induce irritations or obstructions of blood-vessels, which, if
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walking, by climbing, by medical gymnastics, active or
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should have to tell you of failures on my own part."
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abate, and the cul-de-sac will empty itself, and the
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Surgical Division. Ward 2. Siie icinains in Ixd all
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different space, between the fifth and sixth ribs, and from
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It must be added that the chilling debilitates the nuclei of the
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has a "Pirogoff Society for the Study of Tuberculosis."
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to disarm the disease, that the after treatment, consisted of
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" A further attempt was made to produce vomiting, by giving sulphate of
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Answers to questions of this kind can of course be given only in those cases in
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major in operative surgery ; but I hear that this rule is
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other European countries where the period of puberty has been ascertained and
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M.A.'s book consists of an explication of the Egyptian philo-
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the relation of syphilis to Charcot's joint disease, but they
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reminded of one case, that of a boy, aged four, upon whom