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quoted by Thayer,^ performed similar experiments and were able to
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was 9G-b° Fahr., the extremes being 100° Fahr. and 958° Fahr.
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foods for gastric ulcer patients: but, in order to supply the
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and the ascites reduced to a very small accumulation of fluid.
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mortality of 17 per cent., Volkmann, 18 per cent., and Thiersch^
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the past year I have ever prescribed a drug for night sweats.
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the prescription. Too hot a fire may kill plants and
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disturbance of projection. The patient was unable to give any idea of
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we find this form of congestion, although it may be
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infiltration. None of these is recognizable during life nor of clinical
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years is the better arrangement." — F. S. Lee, Professor of Physiology, Colum-
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lene with iodine in the presence of an excess of potassa
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injury to the brachial plexus is suspected, if the hand of the
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which in a short time become necrosed. The entire pars
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stop to the present system of appropriating public funds to
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without hearing me. If I am not fit to be in this Society, give
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for the purposes of locomotion the association is a very close one. The
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necrosis of an extreme type; this case will be the subject of a study which will
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morbid conditions are indicated by symptoms ; but it is not
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Yet it would not be surprising if their presence in large numbers
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akin to this may be done r In Scotland it is obtained already
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the strangulation has been sharp and long, the intestine
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tube fixed on the thigh is then fastened by an iron ring, which is
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than in men, but perhaps not in the great disproportion indicated by
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enced much relief from the oi)eration on her bladder.
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3 me a case of poisoning by this compound, in which the symptoms so closely
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be found — thus, ' Philippians 3 ch. v. 7 ; ' and immediately added, ' These
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symptoms have been present at the outset, but more often it begins more
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sodium salt of diphenylamine-azobenzene-meta-sulphonic acid.
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tiful and highly sensitive mechanism; the floating fimbria, and its