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It will, therefore, be observed that for nearly a year

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is due to tuberculosis, a percentage almost double that

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in all cases the growth which is really primary, it might be argued that it

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as early as 1877, and has been employing it with success ever

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ossei of the hands, &e., but usually it is general in the weakened

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inspection in the peritoneal cavity, stomach, and -even the interior of the heart.

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an abscess or new growth within the cranial chamber.

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it may be absent is a point of much importance in the pseudotabetic

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lessen the danger but they can not wholly remove it.

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ticles present no abnormality. The liver and the gall-

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upon the genesis of the elements, so long as the subject is in the

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Sir Titus Salt, and an unknown donor, who in 1869 sub-

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vessels in all the active diseases, when inflammation eventuates

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and, after a stage of exhaustion, death occurs, commonly dur-

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every peripheral irritation of skin and mucous membranes, lest chronic

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the notes of that case before me, which I will read short.

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there is not the loss of sensibility nor the well marked reaction of degeneration

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smear of the article selected, sufficient to color the unguent ; later, and

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tion shows, however, the discs of both sides slightly excavated, the pulsa-

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structure other than pregnancy, which causes its parietes to be

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this direction was emphasized many years ago by a famous

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that interesting process. You perceive, by the brief outline I have given,

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The New York Cancer Hospital.— Dr. (i. A. Kletzsch

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diagnosis. Without publishing our results, we have resorted to it for many years

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The testis was remarkably small, and measured 1 inch in

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or knife — I always prefer scissors." The wound is

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pearance of the pies. Furthermore, the more severe cases resulted from

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As ten inches is about the average length of the compound

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one litre of bouillon, and as much water as can be ab-

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ofl\ by a projectile, of a irreat jiart of the external malleolus.

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the operation, the cord being carefully tied. It is said that secondary

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of replacement were not successful in such cases, and what-

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his respect, the caustic alkalies may destroy life rapidly, like the mineral

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the damaged part, or hold the extravasation in check

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tory, extending over a period of from twelve to four-