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The diagnosis in all these cases was fairly easy ; in all there were
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center of the field, perhaps one-half inch, and a deep
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Hunt Stucky, M. D., Louisville ; Cysticercus of the Eye, with a case, by William
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the axilla, and up on to the shoulder. The right arm and hand
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pathological if the hypenemia of the uterine mucous membrane and
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sanctioned ; even a crucial incision is too much. Under the
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Hef'i iftee of Ave he appointed Ijy tin; Cliair t4i drart a iiieniorial to Coii-
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Five of the six serum-treated animals died, a mortality of 83 per cent Four
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the patient recovers consciousness the absence of evidence of brain
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previously suffered from debility, superinduced bj' sea-
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cluding a sum of 97,000 francs for drainage works. Finally,
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justified in taking those of his statements which seem to imply
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previously wetted with water, and of this- fluid inject from five
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of the tongue coincidently with spasm of the masseters during the clonic
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College of Physicians and Surgeons, in the class of 1866. He
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conditions. In exophthalmic goiter at this stage the metabolic
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The symptoms depend on defective control of the thoughts and
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disturbances in the conjunctiva. The use of it was not
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2. Kierkegaard A. Incidence and diagnosis of deep venous
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Edition, revised and greatly enlarged. Philadelphia: T.
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Medical Society of the District of Columbia. That the Medical
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(1 grain) of calomel may be given and intestinal lavage should
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S. Undifferentiated Excitement. J. Allen Jackson and Max