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view generally held by otologists, that the left ear is more
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in many cases. The variations are numerous, but can be placed under
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exhaust him. It seemed to check the tympanitic tendency. On the
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and the country of the allegiance of this profession to the Union."
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in the individual case. To Dr. Hopkins' treatment I
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been added to the alkaline solution several times daily,
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placement arises at the first rib and extends gradually and obliquely downward
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length. It is proposed to call this one dioptrie, or 1 D. The refract-
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In conditions of mania where it might be supposed that
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All agree in ascribing its production to the impure air of crowded
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the thigh, and the cure of the little patient. In all the fourteen cases in which
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national establishment was, 18,659; that during the three years,
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The function of education is not forsworn, but it is
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buboes and prostration were noted prior to the Christian era.
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dered distinguished service in public affairs. He made the first
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legs, but she could n-alk with .issistance. The muscular
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mycosis fungoides, as well as certain forms of s^-philis of the skin. The
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The function of the heart was sustained by jhensive knowledge, tested by a sound and
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stage, adeno-carcinoma, whidi develops from the glandu-
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appearance of urticaria. The bacteriological and anatomical
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room impregnated with a mixed odour of paraffin and carbolic add,
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lett, with immediate relief of the dyspncea, the patient falling
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to scarlatina in the form of a finely punctate reddening of the skin.
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