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was no tracheal tug. The voice was normal, and there was no cough.
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position, and the danger of motion at the seat of fracture,
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eral months, but later on the patient's condition became as bad
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E. W. Ashcraft, M.D.', Patrick H. Casey, M.D., and Tom Nosal, L.C.S.W.
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epilepsy, or monospasm in the arm or in the leg, is always the index of a
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tuberculous virus acts on the bovine species exactly as does the
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varying from slight mental inertia, or slight loss of memory, to un-
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April 8— Current Concepts in Liver Diseases. Scripps Clinic and Re-
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Ifow, leaving aside political economy, and looking into the
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they are best fitted to produce the one or other effect.
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Lesions of the kidneys of greater or less extent are found in prac-
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Brit. Empire, Jan., 1902), (i) to mitigate or remove
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relief of the eye defect. In the second place, if a patient
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Case CXC* — Enlarged Liver and Spleen — Leucocythemia, and Fibrinosis
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first hour four times, jukI in six hours it stopped.
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idea of normal life, and the two conditions are connected by a
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and (2d), that the patient would be rid of a member that would ever remain
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known by special names. Extravasations, firom about a line in diameter
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the poison can be eliminated by emetics and cathartics, it
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distres-s, and, in fact, nowhere any constitutional disturbance. He
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the roots in the throat or back part of the mouth, where it is held in
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improving, I drew it out again and found the loop of bowel still constricted
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tific papers. Such societies, however, do not appreciate
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the bottom of which may not be entirely free from the growth. But
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apparently the right. Thus, when a small square contain-
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tongue is flaccid, thin, and wrinkled, and often shows fibrillary contrac-
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them here. The physiology and functions, the uses and
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Compound which is quite soluble in water. A solution of chloride of lime
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two products is practically the same as that in the fermentation of
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Numerous instructive epidemics, originating in infected milk, have been
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Let a well-trained gentleman be appointed as a stipendiary judge in every