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but especially the lower. When brought to the hospital,
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tion may reach is the case which Lund reported during the course
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" From the fact," says Mathieu, " that we more readily
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occurrence is sufficient to counterbalance the great advantages
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in the neighbourhood of the anus and sheath even in oxen.
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lungs, which are the first to receive and to entangle as it were
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Description. — A membranous cast of the trachea and bronchial tubes, which
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given off, and second, that the leakage around the face
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been very efficacious ; and here too, as in other cases, when reputable remedies
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or gummata. To define a cerebral case as one of " hemiplegia " is much
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1804. On this latter expedition England sent an army of 36,481
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factor in exciting second and, more rarely, third attacks of chorea in
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Dumber of cases; Kohler's figures giving 5.8 percent.,
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rapid development of the disease after the healing of
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Restraint serves to aggravate the paroxysm, while, according to Hunter,
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return to me, and complain that these nervous symptoms
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the site and extent of the spinal degeneration will vary accordingly.
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mance on neuropsychometrics. For immediate formulations, fatigue, lethargy, and vivid dreams
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patient feels ill, but does not resent his illness, and shows no great
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The Association then adjourned to meet at dinner in
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used in each instance, injected under the skm of the arm
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been made in the right loin, and then in any direction
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the medullary cord, with its nerves and ganglia, for its in-
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nerve-molecules pass beneath the sarcolemma so as to
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first part of her present pregnancy she suffered from
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(Read before 112th An. Meeting of The Med. and Chirurg. Faculty
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act after being absorbed into the blood. The action does not depend on
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grain doses thrice daily, even to very young children.
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allowance must be made for a further diminution in cases
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based on specific assignment of depot missions, supply levels to be
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Dr. ITcniyG. Clark, of tliis city, has been appointed Chief of the Corps
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tin solution, the pressure being expressed in mm. of height of the
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unblushing enumeration of her deficiencies, find vent for long
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titis Medicamentosa) . Eecently Allgey er and Sprecher ' have rei)orted
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too happy to have your services." My answer. was, " I have yet
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groups of symptoms, the '' intoxication '' and the ^ reaction " symp-
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perature are specially liable. Pampered pets kept in warm
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apt to be frequent acute or subacute exacerbations, and after
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numerous tags. The former is the placental site, the latter the decidua-covered