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ing these cases up. That is my idea, but where we have not a whole-

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not see them, she would sometimes feel them or hear

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urticarial lesions. This did not materially afifect the eczematous

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1965. Weiss, William, Philadelphia General Hospital, 34th & Curie Ave. (19104)

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Vaginal Irritatiofi is often removed, like a charm,

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minutes as indicated in Figure 6. A second injection after the lapse of

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appear to have died from the effects of the operation ; and 299

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Pathology. — Plague is a haemorrhagic septicaemia in the rat, which

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report for submission to Commissioner Frankl would be

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were 8,653 births and 10,700 deaths reported. Consumption

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acceptable substitute, without any of the deleterious effects of the tea and

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Kidneys. — Of medium size and normal consistence.

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of the most marfeed kind. Whenever they are so crowded that they run

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ulcer is demonstrated ; (2) those in which there is an irregular con-

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successful, but no fatal cases. Electricity has been pre-emi-

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and he never loses consciousness. An exception to this occurred on August

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addition of a small amount of camphor or menthol to this powder is.

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distorted organs are sometiiiies designated by the tenn riiim^jma.

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remark must appear evident, " that early and active means of

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internal pachymeningitis might be intradural clot. The

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legal means. In fact it is to be feared that many chil-

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i struck Dr. Dulles in examining the records of cases is

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leg. So the speculation is that, although each movement is

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now the dark circle appeared around the eyes. The poor lady