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oz. of Sugar, i large tablespoonful of grated ginger.

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two cases of diphtheria of the stomach were found at autopsy.

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to develop at last into active symptoms. But all debil-

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tagious, though usually slightly so. He directed especial attention

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wound of the ulnar artery ; and in the fourth for septicaemia. In

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anxiously for the annual volume of Transactions, but

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Muscular Anomalies.— Professor D. J. Cunningha.m, of Dub-

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more places in the body. Even in some of the higher

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occipital and temporal convolutions fFerrier, II. Munk,

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tion indicates great eagerness on the part of the increased

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spasm, usually followed by coma ; the attack recurring at

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Richardson's practice I had the opportunity of see-

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size, and position. The pathological changes following embolism are

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tion in composition from the nature of ingesta, and period of taking the food, and

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the movement of the body and intestine against the sharp,

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cells, although, in extreme degrees, this must suffer. But fatty degeneration is

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education and you conduct a post-videotape seminar. If your program cannot meet this criteria, credit may still be claimed as

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hypertrophy mainly result. In examining such a case it is found that no

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nd other hygienic regulations, together with such palliative measures as

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exact knowledge of the heart's size and position. The median line of

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fifth nerve is situated within the fasciculus teres, a little above, in front of,

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this manner. Should there be any thickened cord ex-

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observation at this Hospital. In a little girl, 3 years old, who

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