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served as a Medical Missionary for a large part of her life.

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the collegiate instruction of those who are to fill up the ranks of

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The success of Dr. Rush as a physician in his native city appears

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8. Clinical Surgery. — A clinical and conference course in general surgery, with

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904. Mutton Cutlets (delicate)— Ingredients— 2 or 3 small cut-

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calcium, sulphur, and phosphorus excretion is abnormally high. Magnesium

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the bottle-fed children are to the nurslings as nine to

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which in the adult will only produce a chill, will in an infant,

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February 27th. — Slie had a chill followed by increased heat,

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Death durlng Athletic Exercise. — The death of the

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^In the preparation of this article the writer has consulted the following works:

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The following brief and modest paragraph recently headed the

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cleanliness of the vulva and other exposed parts, liberal

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and cutaneous excretions. It probably enters largely into the production

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description of each group as a distinct form of disease ; that transition

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immediately efficacious. It must be admitted, however, that

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eluerly and debilitated to preclude ataxia or oversedation.

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adds to the difficulty of diagnosis ; for injury is as often

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incision runs along the third and fifth for 10 cm. At that distance the ribs

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fits were not very violent, but extremely frequent. Indeed the

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one must be guided by the indications in each individual

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the brain a cavity filled with dear liquid, surrounded by a callous sub-

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murmurs equal on both sides ; no friction anywhere but on right side ; vocal reso-