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the larger problem of the feasibility of vascular anastomosis.

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pneumococci, he considers it advisable to use the polyvalent serum.

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intractable cases, and cases of serious diarrhea the subgallate seems to be

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contents, including gall stones, foreign bodies, enteroliths and impacted

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with the physician. The latter, in his perplexity, tends to find

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fundamental cause underlying both the asthma and the arteriosclerosis.

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and powers. But it is gradually freeing its mind of the domina-

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operation a cystic ovary was removed, the tube on this side being patent.

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them. Shearing the wool of the udder and surrounding parts acU

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part shall exclude from the herd used for producing certified milk and

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tions, against which there existed complaint of abuse. The

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his general condition during the past few months had steadily

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covered, but in beds of the slow sand type the area may be

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G. W. Crile, M. D. J. P. Sawyer, M. D. H. S. Upson, M. D.

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a record of 4,548 known living cases. Of these cases 1,374 are

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sleep or may be induced by an unusually severe or obstinate con-

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aid in placing the petition where it could be signed by members attend-

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muscle has undergone considerable sclerosis, digitalis is still of value.

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in smaller doses, a slower death with frequently an acute nephritis, hem-

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often causes reflex and neurasthenic symptoms to disappear; frequently

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edge of general hygiene. The improvement of the children in the fresh-

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The general treatment of the acute stages as regards diet, bathing,

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his general condition during the past few months had steadily

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within the ovary or within the tube. It is doubtful if true abdominal .

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provement. This social engineer will find his life — the extension of the

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uniformly present. As a matter of fact it is rare anywhere

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in which throat cultures are made late in the day or on Sundays or

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majority of cases can not be explained in that way. The latter could

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